Southamptons Firehouse Garage Doors

Outfitting the firehouse with great garage doors is obviously very essential. You want a door that can quickly open and shut, is well insulated, and that also provides strong aesthetics. There are three major styles of Southampton firehouse garage doors for you to choose from: overhead sectional, four-fold, and rolling steel. Each door is viable and provides the essential functions that you need to have an operating firehouse. We will look a little more in-depth at the different styles in this article. Be sure to consult with your garage door expert to determine which Southampton firehouse garage door is best for your firehouse.


Southampton Firehouse Garage Doors

Overhead Sectional Doors/Rolling Steel Doors: This style of firehouse garage door has stood the test of time. It is proven to be effective for countless firehouses across the US. The overhead sectional firehouse garage door is also highly customizable and can fit the aesthetic theme that you’re looking for. They can come in several different types of materials and you will likely be able to find a great fit for your firehouse. This is a good choice of door if you under a strict budget because it is generally a cheaper option. The rolling steel door works almost like a curtain that is rolled up and shares many of the same features as the overhead sectional door.

Southampton Firehouse Garage Doors Installation

Four-Fold Doors: Four-fold doors are a type of door that opens in the middle as well as to the left and right. They are a low maintenance option that offer a huge range of custom features. Anything from colors to how many windows and even the type of opening are on the table. They are durable and can be built to withstand even the toughest storms that mother nature can throw at you. Four-fold doors are not likely to sustain the same wear and tear as the other types of doors. They will last longer and cost less to maintain. They operate quickly and are well insulated for high savings in heating and cooling costs.

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