Southamptons Commercial Overhead Garage Door

If you are looking for a Southampton commercial overhead garage door, it can be difficult to decide what kind of door you would like. Southampton commercial garage doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, etc. There are so many to choose from and it can be difficult to decide which commercial garage door is best for your Southampton commercial business.

Choosing The Best Southampton Commercial Overhead Garage Door

1) Overhead Garage Doors

Commercial overhead garage doors are the most popular kind of garage door. They open either manually or automatically, allowing for easy accessibility. They also allow for maximized customization as they can be made with a large variety of materials and can be painted any way you wish. They are sometimes also called slated garage doors. Southampton overhead garage doors offer you exactly what you need in a commercial garage door.

2) Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are much thinner than other styles of garage doors/ They are ideal in situations where a standard overhead garage door may not fit. Additionally, roll up garage doors are very durable can are typically made to last the lifetime of your building, meaning that you will have very little maintaince to do throughout the years.

3) Fire Doors

Fire doors are the all-around door, providing the most in a single door. Often made of steel, which is fire resistant, insulating, and noise resistant allows for many issues with other kinds of garage doors to be taken care of. Additionally, you can even get a bottom weather seal that allows water and air to be kept out. Fire doors are able to be custom built for any kind of commercial building.

4) Gates

These kinds of doors are best for traffic management and security. They open horizontally and can either slide open and close or can swing open. You can also use a gate style door in addition to a standard garage door for higher security and better piece of mind. Gate style doors are often made of steel, allowing for true peace of mind.

5) Aluminum and Glass Doors

These doors are a combination of glass panels and aluminum sectionals. These kinds of doors are very aesthetically pleasing, and are typically used when looking for a design to show off architectural design. Aluminum and glass combination doors come in a large variety of material possibilities to allow for a lot of customization with different glazes, finishes, and colors.


Looking For The Best Southampton Overhead Garage Doors?

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