Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

As a Northampton aluminum garage door company, we care about how you take care of your garage door. After you purchase your door from us, you should take care of it to help it last for years and years to come. You shouldn’t have to pay for expensive repairs because a simple maintenance need was overlooked. There are little things you can do each day to take care of your garage door. Read on for a few ways you can help your own garage door stay as good as new throughout the years.

Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

Clean the Door | Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

A simple way you can help your aluminum garage door is to keep it clean. Too much water or dirt can damage your door over time. Check for spots where rust is starting to build and take the time to sand it away and repaint. Monitor for dings and dents that may have formed and get them smoothed out to keep your door running efficiently.

Check for Problems

To prevent major problems, one of the simplest things you can do is pay attention to when you open your door. Look and listen for any abnormalities. If it’s difficult to open or close, or sounds overly squeaky, check to see if it’s anything you can fix or if you need to call in repairs for. These problems don’t normally fix themselves, rather they get worse. If you’re paying attention to anything different about your door, you can catch the problem early and prevent worse repairs.

Tighten Bolts | Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

Because your door gets used so frequently, the vibrations from a large sheet of metal will eventually loosen the hardware. Check the bolts and screws to see if anything is coming undone, and try to tighten the mechanisms when you can.

Check the Door Balance

When a garage door becomes unbalanced, it has to work harder to function and thus it will wear down faster. To test the balance, disconnect the opener and then open your garage door about halfway. If the door doesn’t stay still, this means the balance is off and you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Replace Weatherstripping | Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

When weatherstripping wears down, the cold or warm air from outside is able to come inside much more easily. This reduces the energy efficiency of your home which is bad for the environment and your bills. You can purchase weatherstripping materials from the hardware store, so all you have to do is cut them to size and install. It’s fairly simple to do, but you can call in a professional too for the best results.

Lubricate the Mechanisms

Keeping your door well greased will reduce the likelihood of large repairs and extend the life of your door. Take white lithium grease and pour it on your opener’s chain or screw, and use a garage door lubricant spray for your overhead springs. It only takes a few minutes and it keeps the door running smoothly and silently.

Clear the Tracks | Northampton Aluminum Garage Door Company

Clearing the tracks is a very simple way to prevent unnecessary problems to your garage door. Just check the tracks and clear them of any debris that has built up. Leaves can very easily get stuck on the tracks in the fall. For any major repairs involving the tracks, you should definitely get a professional involved.

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