You’ve been at work all day and possibly stuck in traffic listening to all the noise from outside. Coming home from work should be a peaceful experience, not one where you can hear cars and people outside making noise. Have you ever thought that possibly your Southampton overhead garage doors need a different window? A change of windows can help with sound control. There are many choices and it’s important that you research which ones are the best for helping reduce outside noise. Contact us to discuss replacement for your home, or keep reading to learn more about the best types of windows to reduce sound for your Southampton overhead garage doors!

What is the Best Sound Reduction Window for Southampton Overhead Garage Doors

Southampton Overhead Garage Doors

What Are the Best Windows to Reduce Noise for Southampton Overhead Garage Doors?

When it comes to soundproofing, there is not one window style that is significantly better than the rest. Window choice will vary depending on your situation and need. The number of panes is an important factor to consider. If you have old single-pane windows, we recommend replacing them.

Double- and triple-pane windows are often marketed for their energy saving features, but the features that help insulate your home from the heat and cold can also help reduce outside noise. Modern windows are available with:

  • Glass glazing
  • Improved weather stripping
  • Insulating gases (like argon)

These work together to help reduce noise from outside.

Window Replacement for Southampton Overhead Garage Doors

Southampton and other surrounding areas can be noisy. For those who live on busy streets or have old, inefficient windows, noise reduction could be a top priority.

Arm-R-Lite has been dedicated to supplying the toughest and most customizable glass garage and overhead sectional doors available on the market by utilizing the strongest manufacturing method possible. Today, Arm-R-Lite is the only glass garage door manufacturer that can supply exclusively welded doors for the Hamptons. Contact us today to see what windows are best for your Southampton overhead garage doors!