ArmRLite Advantage: Glass Garage Doors

Each product manufactured by ArmRLite is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Our glass garage doors are backed by 60 years of experience and come with the best warranties offered by any competing manufacturer in the market today. Jack Dourney set the bar high when he designed our very first glass garage door models and offered them to the market. More than half a century later, ArmRLite continues to be an industry leader in innovation all the while sticking to the principles of Durability, Customization, and Family that has made the ArmRLite brand unique.

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ArmRLite Advantage - Lifetime Investment Glass Garage Door Products

Company Experience

  • ArmRLite has been manufacturing our glass garage doors for more than 60 years. Our brand name has become synonomus with quality, strength, and innovation.
  • All of our glass garage doors are manufactured in the United States. We are and have been a privately owned and run family business for more than 60 years.
  • Worrying about delivery is never an issue with ArmRLite. Each order is treated as a priority to ensure customers recieve on-time, hassle-free deliveries.
  • ArmRLite has made it easy to order replacement sections or parts for our doors, regardless of model or fabrication year. ArmRLite has manufactured our doors consistently for more than 60 years.
Cost of Ownership Advantage – Residential
ArmRLite Advantage - Create and CustomizeGlass Garage Door Products

Create and Customize

  • AmRLite can offer customer’s unlimited glass options including 1″ thick insulated glass units.
  • ArmRLite can manufacture entrance doors to match adjacent ArmRLite glass garage doors on the same project if required.
  • Non-traditional opening sizes are no problem. ArmRLite glass garage doors can be fabricated up to 30′-2″ wide!
  • Sloping bottom sections can be ordered on new glass garage doors to account for uneven floors.
  •  ArmRLite can accommodate custom cutouts for carwashes allowing doors to close safely and securely over in ground track systems.
ArmRLite Advantage - Exceptional Glass Garage Door Products

Exceptional Products

  • ArmRLite is a leader in innovation, offering products such as the ADA compliant no step over pass door located within a glass garage door for public egress use.
  • ArmRLite’s glass garage door frames will not “sag” or loosen like competitor’s bolted frames.
  • Glass garage doors are manufactured with 4 sided extrusions, not the common 3 sided which can fail under pressure.
  • ArmRLite offers the most diverse sectional door product line on the market.
  • Products like push out awning windows, flood vents, and pet doors make integrating your new glass garage door into your day to day life simple and easy.
Cost of Ownership Advantage – Commercial
ArmRLite Advantage - Exceptional Glass Garage Door Products

Lifetime Investment

  • ArmRLite offers an exclusive Energy Efficiency Package for maximum insulation which includes sealing the glass garage door frames against water infiltration.
  • Unmatched 20-year structural warranty on welded aluminum doors, except top section when trolley operated.
  • 20-year finish warranty, except on installations within 1 mile of salt water, for both custom Kynar® and standard finishes.
  • For projects or building codes with specific requirements, ArmRLite offers R-values up to R-16 and wind load ratings up to 180mph!